Damien (damien6) wrote,

It’s been a good couple of days.

I got to read at Gendermash (for Midsumma), which I’ve been wanting to do for a few years. I read some stuff I wrote about sex, and people seemed to like it, and the performing part worked, even though it was so last minute.

Went to Wilson’s prom for the weekend and hung out with the kids. My little brother is starting Uni, and they’re both travelling, and have so much awesome new stuff going on in their lives, it’s great.

Went to a genderqueer performance under Flinders street station, which awesome and grungy and punk and the right kind of debaucherous. There was a furry naked guy in a window. As art.

And saw some indy illegal warehouse performances tonight.

I have ideas for a drag act, and a band (ho boy).

Now, it’s time to write a business plan, and figure out where I’m heading with work. Narrow it down a little from ‘film’. More camera op, less editing is all I’ve got so far…
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