Damien (damien6) wrote,

Last night I had an accident in trampoline class, where I fell badly and landed on my neck.
I wasn't really sure how freaked out to be about this, on the one hand sprained muscles are not that big a deal, on the other hand hurting your neck is pretty terrifying. (The trainer was equally ambivalent: want to put some ice on that? want me to call an ambulance? - Gee, those options are pretty far apart).

In the end I went home, got some medical advice and felt pretty confident that I was okay, went to a GP this morning just to check, and he sent me over to the emergency at the Royal Melbourne.

It's bizzare how one minute I was a person checking in, signing papers, carrying my stuff, and then once I was inside the same people told me I had to lie down in a neck brace and not move because I might hurt my neck.

It kind of reminded me of Brazil, like a Byzentine system that doesn't necessarily adhere to everyday logic, that you get thrust into.

But yeah, I'm okay.
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