Damien (damien6) wrote,

A Sound of Thunder is a cautionary tale of a movie about the dangers of time travel (mostly, these dangers involve babboon faced-dinosaurs, and turning people into fish).

It's an awesomely terribly movie, but not enough so to sustain an actual viewing. These few clips should give you the best parts.

The very best part however is this conversation, the most unscientific scientific explanation since that one in Evolution that managed to combine killing aliens, toothpaste, boobs and the period table.

"..All we need is another [time travel] portal."
"That's easy. Let's go to Home Depo.
"There's one nearby at the University."
"A Home Depo?"
"No a portal. Well, not exactly a portal, a particle accelerator. With the right software it becomes a portal."
"We're talking plug and play?"
"Yeah, more or less."

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