Damien (damien6) wrote,

We've been given notice, and soon this beautiful old house full of history will be apartments. Or possibly a retirement village.
This was the plan since I've moved in, and have been here for two and a half years. I guess the incompetence of the landlord was our gain.
I love this house, but I don't mind moving on.
It's just an inconvenient time to be kicked out as:
-I'm heading off to Europe the week after we have to move
-and I wanted to film a zombie movie here before being booted.

Is anyone else moving house in the next few months?
Doing all this rental research reminded me of all those plans of setting up a big awesome house with friends.
It'd would be in Clifton Hill or North Fitzroy/ East Brunswick, maybe Yarraville. Anywhere close to the city, but leafy and quiet. Under $110 each (yah, I think it can be done).
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