Damien (damien6) wrote,

Music video's finished, going to Cairns this weekend. Can't wait. Cairns is awesome.
I went last year and never really wrote about it.
There were tropical islands with snorkeling and the reef and the fish and lots of crocs, and rainforesty stuff, and it was all lovely, apart from when a butterfly started laying eggs in my hair, that was kind of violating.

Io9 is an awesome science fiction blog, and they do a great job of picking out the most awesome and exciting sci-fi news. I particularly like the found footage section where they pick out the oddest parts of fantastically bad movies, like a firebreathing monster that inexplicably explodes when it falls, a Tilda Swinton movie with alternate universes and a brain in a jar, or space pirates becoming scantily clad man slaves. Many ideas for movie nights from that one.

On the recommendation of Io9 I checked out this new tv series called The Middleman, 'n it's pretty cool. The writing is good enough to make comparisons to Buffy, the concept is sort of Men in Black crossed with Get Smart, but in a good way. The plots are incredibly silly, ducks stuck in space-time rifts and zombie fish kind of silly. Also the main character is a struggling painter working temp jobs before getting recruited to save the world, and all the art stuff really matters in terms of plot. It's like a pastiche of all things happy made into a show.
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